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I help people overwhelmed with clutter reclaim their homes, find ease and live their lives with joy

Where I started …

A few years back, I found myself drowning in clutter, feeling like taking care of our home was easy for everyone but me. I spent my days, repeating the same things over and over, feeling like I was never getting ahead, while the piles of stuff and hard feelings seemed to be getting worse.

  • Why do I feel like decluttering is easy for everyone but me?

  • Why do I feel embarrassed to invite people over?

  • Why do I have no energy and feel unworthy?

  • Why do I feel overwhelmed all the time?

  • When does it get easier?

Little did I know the transformative power of self-care and simple tools would change my life.

Today I use self-care as my secret, knowing that when I pour into myself, filling my own cup I can more easily pour into others.

Hi there, I'm Julie, your Professional Decluttering Life Coach, Wellness Facilitator, and Trifecta Alchemy Practitioner.

Welcome to my little corner of serenity!

At a time when I found myself suffocating with stuff, I decided to take a leap. Starting with a simple act like painting the fireplace, I began to feel a shift in energy. Bit by bit, day by day, I reclaimed my space and my inner strength. Today, I can confidently say that cluttered spaces are merely a collection of things, not a reflection or definition of who we are.

The idea that there could be another way to look at our homes, removing the shame, finding the joy, had become a part of me. I trained to become a Decluttering Coach and created a space that allowed others to work on their beliefs around clutter, feeling supported and nourished from someone that had been in their shoes.

My passion lies in empowering women like you to discover your light, to lead with love and grace. When I'm not guiding others on their transformative journeys, I find solace in the beauty of nature and enjoy baking treats for my
dear friends and family.

Why should you work with Julie?

So, why should you choose to work with me? Well, because I've been there, right where you are now. I understand the overwhelm, the self-doubt, and the desire for a change. I'll hold a nurturing space for you, guiding you from overwhelm to encouragement.

Together, we'll learn how to stay motivated, release the shame surrounding clutter, and truly fall in love with your space.

Let's embark on this beautiful journey of self-discovery and transformation together. Your calm home and inner peace are closer than you think.

It’s not about where you are on the journey, but rather where are you being called right now. 

How To Work With Julie

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in Your Heart and Home Today

Creating Space

In Your Home

Embark on a transformative journey with a 60 minute Decluttering Planning Session via Zoom.

Together, we'll create a personalized plan to transition from overwhelm to encouragement, focusing on an area of your choice—whether it's kickstarting your decluttering journey, staying motivated, or tackling specific spaces like the kitchen, bedroom, closets, basement, or garage.

In this session, I'll share insights from my own decluttering journey, helping you let go of the shame surrounding clutter and truly love your space. The package includes two follow-up emails: a comprehensive summary of our call and a check-in email two weeks later, ensuring continuous support on your path to a clutter-free, joy-filled home.

Creating Space

In Your Heart

Experience a profound Trifecta Alchemy Session tailored to address specific emotions you're struggling with. In this 60-minute session via Zoom, we'll delve into the roots of these emotions using somatic tools and thoughtful questions.

Together, we'll work towards clarity and resolution.

Included in this session are two follow-up emails: a detailed summary of our call, along with a personalized protocol to follow, and a check-in email two weeks later.

Through the power of Trifecta Alchemy, we'll unravel and transform emotions, fostering a renewed sense of well-being.

Creating Space Community
Karma Calls

Welcome to Karma Sessions, a monthly gathering where you have the opportunity to contribute what you can for a transformative group coaching experience. Inspired by a beautiful soul named Perry, who is striving to bring the joy of skating to children in various villages in Bali, your donations from Karma Sessions will directly support this cause. * All proceeds will be donated to the cause of the month.

Join our community of like-minded individuals, seeking growth while making a positive impact. Let's come together, share experiences, and support a cause dear to our hearts. Together, through Karma Sessions, we can create ripples of positive change.

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What Are Customers Saying


Everyone needs a non-judgmental “best friend” who will work shoulder-to-shoulder with you as you work toward your organizational goals. Julie is that best friend. In the kindest and gentlest way, Julie helped me work through a large project in smaller, more manageable tasks.  She kept me focused on the task at hand, dealing with both the physical and emotional attachment I had with some of the items I had held on to for much too long. Whether it’s a short-term or long-term project, Julie can help you get to the finish line! I highly recommend her for your next organizational project! 


My experience with Julie was incredible. She is a kind, calming, safe space. I enjoyed the exercise we did together. It really help me view my emotions from a different perspective. She knew what questions to ask and how to help me analyze my feelings. She’s educated in what she does. I would love to do it again with her!!  She opened my mind to new tools and strategies into my daily life. ❤️❤️❤️


The exercise was quick and effective. It quickly gave me perspective on how I allow my emotions take control. It’s interesting how I had immediate answers to the questions I was asked. I can only speak for myself, but this changed my thoughts for that day and I was present. I did continue to think about the exercise the following day and tried to remember how I felt when I answered the questions. I believe it was effective. I plan on using that exercise or at least remember what I answered when I feel like I’m spiraling or overthinking my thoughts.


Being in this community with Julie’s guidance has helped me to understand about Self Care and Self Love, two concepts that were very foreign to me. I get it know, and I’m learning more all the time about how the way I feel about myself and take care of myself is related to so many aspects of my life, including my relationships and decluttering my home.


Everything Julie touches is like glitter!

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